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  • UiPath StudioX

    Everyday automation made easy

Switch to StudioX to automate repetitive tasks across online applications and desktop native applications.

With StudioX, users get a quick way to automate their routine—from desktop native applications to online apps. Companies have the governance they need. Everyone benefits from more attended robots doing the repetitive, boring parts of work.

With a shared foundation and dedicated activity packages for different coding skills, the Studio family of products offers everyone the ability to build their own robot.

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What will you achieve with UiPath StudioX?

Build automations in minutes

With drag-and-drop construction, a friendly interface, and pre-designed templates and scenarios, you can launch a robot during your lunch hour. Seriously.

Start faster with templates

Not sure how to get started? Benefit from prebuilt templates—including UiPath Marketplace templates—directly in StudioX. With an established structure and customizable fields, templates provide all you need to create automations faster.

Automate your everyday work

With UI automation, StudioX allows you to work with virtually every web and desktop app. StudioX offers support for Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, and SAP®™ to speed up your day-to-day work.

Run it yourself, share it with others​

Your attended robot is deployed locally on your desktop. You control how to run and schedule it through UiPath Assistant. And you can easily share your automations with coworkers (who will be very grateful).

Automation Ops gets you the oversight you need

Automate for yourself—or your department—while ensuring security, consistency, and compliance with the regulations your organization cares about.
StudioX gives you the power to make your workday better
Imagine being able to delegate the work to copy, paste, post, lookup, check, insert, add, subtract, combine, match, alert, merge…
Fully functional project templates for a quick start
Native integration with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Outlook 365, and Gmail, plus SAP support
A Project Notebook that lets you apply your Excel knowledge to automation
Simple scheduling of runs without re-opening StudioX, by using UiPath Assistant
Scenarios that show you best practices for automating common actions
Intuitive error handling so you can skip, retry, or stop if your robot gets stuck (hey, it happens)

Why choose Quanton?

We are a UiPath Gold and USN certified Partner

We are a USN partner, the only one in New Zealand, and one of 6 in Australia. This means that Quanton are a Global UiPath Implementation Partner delivering automations to the highest standards. We have the largest UiPath professional services team across NZ, who work on ANZ projects. Moreover our thinking regularly makes headlines in the media.