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Our people sharing ideas about how future operating models are created through new ways of working

Toyota Finance New Zealand Robotic Process Automation Case Study

Toyota Finance Utilises ‘Intelligent Software Robots’ 

Published by autotalk.co.nz, scoop.co.nz and IDM.net.au – June 2020

AutotalkScoop and IDM cover the rapid success achieved by Toyota Finance New Zealand who automated over 15 processes in 6 months and are on track to deliver 4,500 hours benefit back to their business in 2020.

The new rules of business in a post-coronavirus world

The rules for business in a post-Covid 19 Coronavirus world

Published by NZHerald.co.nz – May 2020

Garry Green contributes to an article by Kevin Jenkins, discussing the rules for businesses in a post Coronavirus economic environment, convering productivity, digital transformation, customer experience, customer acquisition and cost control.

Russell Berg Ai Ethics CIO Article

Tackling one of the biggest issues of today – ethics in AI

Published by CIO.co.nz – October 2019

CIO covers Russell Berg’s (GM for Product and Emerging Technology) perspective on the ethical issues that New Zealand will face in the adoption and large-scale use of Ai artificial intelligence technology.

Quanton in the media CIO Bridging the talent gap

Bridging the talent gap – it’s not about a skills shortage.

Published by CIO.co.nz – September 2019

CIO covers Archie Moore’s (GM of Delivery for Quanton) perspective on the local and global skills shortage for RPA talent and offers up his perspective on how the talent gap can be eased in business process automation.

Quanton in the media Computerworld

2degrees aims for Robotic Process Automation

Published by computerworld.co.nz – February 2019

Computerworld discusses how moves from major New Zealand brands like 2degrees and Spark coincide with predictions from Garry Green, Managing Director for Quanton about the impact of automation for businesses in 2019 as Robotic Automation is combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.