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SME Solutions and Managed Services

We enable small and medium size businesses to automate processes that were previously uneconomical to automate, using enterprise solutions. Are you ready for automation?
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Innovative solutions and a pragmatic approach for the SME market

At Quanton we believe in customising our approach for Small and Mid size businesses. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and have developed solutions to provide an affordable entry point for automation to this market. SME make up a significant portion of the global economy, and they play a vital role in driving innovation and growth.

In addition to automating routine tasks, robots (bots) can also provide SMEs with valuable insights and data-driven decision making. With their advanced analytical capabilities, bots can quickly and accurately analyse large amounts of data, providing valuable insights that can help SMEs make better decisions and improve their operations.

Every sector, every business and every problem statement is unique. From strategy to implementation, our role is to create tailored solutions that identify and realise new value in your operating model or enable growth.

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Meet your New Digital Assistants

JESS - Personal Digital Assistant
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ALEX - General Admin Digital Worker
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Aim for the TRIPLE WIN and CREATE


Custom Loyalty
Improved Service Quality
Remove Pain Points
Faster Delivery of Existing Services
Improved Service Consistency
Round-the-Clock Availablility
New Services Online Quickly
Enhanced Customer Journeys


Hours back to the business
Operational Efficiencies
Increased Compliance
Increased Scalability
Increased Adoptability
Workforce Flexibility
Competitive Advantage
Top-Line and Bottom-Line Impacts
Quality Improvements


More Interesting Work
Learn New Skills
Increased Employee Satisfaction
Enhanced Reputation as an Innovator
Desirable Place of Work

What can Bots do?

General Bots
Sales Order Processing
New Account Opening
Customer Onboarding
Address Changes
Invoice Processing
HR Onboarding
Data Entry Functions
Specialist Bots
Accountant/Finance Support Bots
Medical Practices Support Bots
HR Support Bots
Contact Centre Agent Support Bots
Bot Benefits
Bot filling the skill shortage gap
Available 24x7
No Breaks or Rest
Improved customer service

How do they do it? A Bot can...

Access systems via user interfaces
Mimic the actions of humans
Complete activities and tasks
Select from a Library of Business Processes
No Complex System Integrations | No Change to existing applications | No overlap with existing platforms | Works with existing IT architecture

This is how we help you employ a Bot / Digital Worker? Simple…



We undertake a quick survey to identify your potential for automation

Time Saving

It takes days not months to ‘recruit and train a bot’ – less time than recruiting a person and a fraction of the cost and more reliable


We focus on manual or repetitive processes or pain points or those that will give you the greatest gain


We support you in operating the bot and making sure they are available when you need them also can add additional skills to the bot as your requirements change.


Capture the processess to be automated and train the bot Really quick


We can even clone the bot to give you additional capacity – how cool is that!
Funding for Services
Quanton help business solve their problems now, so they can power up their growth and decouple it from headcount. We offer innovative solutions for businesses that are more cost effective than hiring additional staff, starting from $1500 +GST per month.

Timber Barron: Harnessing Robert the robot for staff retention

This was for staff retention and employee experience tool, removing manual, repetitive data entry and freeing staff up for more enjoyable, higher value work. Using Quanton’s Lean Agile Robotic Implementation (LARI®) methodology we were able to build the robot in less than five days.
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Accelerated Automation at Scale
We help organisations design, implement and mature scalable digital automation capabilities that deliver tangible benefits.
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Identify and realise new potential
We help organisations identify and implement transformative changes to realise new value in processes, people and systems.
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