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Put your data to work and unlock business value.
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What is Data & Analytics?

Put your data to work and unlock business value. Enable real-time insights and enhanced decision making through robust analytics platforms and frameworks.

Evidence-based decision-making and actionable insights are key to unlocking the value drivers of your business. People empowered through data democratisation serves to ensure data is available, accessible, and trusted.

Simply, the right information, in the right form, at the right time for the right purpose.

Quanton works alongside organisations developing and applying leading technologies to creatively deliver working solutions quickly and effectively 

Question: What are the business outcomes of Data & Analytics?



Accelerate fact-based decision-making in your enterprise with proactive management.

Increase Revenue

Identification of opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs


Integrate & analyse complex data from disparate data sources.


360° visibility into data and reporting


Develop powerful insights, increase predictability.


Integrated view of goals vs. progress.

Aim for the TRIPLE WIN and CREATE


Custom Loyalty
Improved Service Quality
Remove Pain Points
Faster Delivery of Existing Services
Improved Service Consistency
Round-the-Clock Availablility
New Services Online Quickly
Enhanced Customer Journeys


Hours back to the business
Operational Efficiencies
Increased Compliance
Increased Scalability
Increased Adoptability
Workforce Flexibility
Competitive Advantage
Top-Line and Bottom-Line Impacts
Quality Improvements


More Interesting Work
Learn New Skills
Increased Employee Satisfaction
Enhanced Reputation as an Innovator
Desirable Place of Work

Question: How can Quanton help your business with data & analytics?

Quanton is a consulting services group who specialise in Data & Analytics and Intelligent Automation. Our team consists of highly qualified people with specialist skills in Program Management, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Visualisation, Business Analysts and Test Engineers as well as Architectural Design and Execution.

Our Intelligent Automation Engineers and Analysts are also best of breed which compliments our Data & Analytics practice very well. All of which are essential elements to fast track the successful completion of large scale Data Migration programs.

Quanton's focus on Digital Transformation is key to our success, helping our clients modernise their ecosystems whilst migrating. We specialise in removing humans in the loop between technology platforms and end to end processes. This includes reducing process complexity to streamline effort and ultimately increase customer experience. All our products and services are designed around making your experience easy, successful and enjoyable.
Enterprise Data Strategy,
Data Monetization,
Data Governance,
Advanced Analytics & Data Science,
Big Data Architecture & Implementations,
BI Reporting & Dashboards,
Master Data Management,
Data Warehousing
Ease of Use
All our products & services are designed around making your experience easy, successful & enjoyable.

How do they do it? A Bot can...

Access systems via user interfaces
Mimic the actions of humans
Complete activities and tasks
Select from a Library of Business Processes
No Complex System Integrations | No Change to existing applications | No overlap with existing platforms | Works with existing IT architecture
Funding for Services
Quanton help business solve their problems now, so they can power up their growth and decouple it from headcount. We offer innovative solutions for businesses that are more cost effective than hiring additional staff, starting from $1500 +GST per month.

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