DRUID enables companies to deploy conversational business applications that improve user experience, reduce churn, and boost revenue.

Enhance user experience with DRUID Conversational Business Applications

DRUID is a no-code Conversational AI platform that allows companies to design and deploy superior experiences for internal and external users using omnichannel interactions and business process automation.

Powered by a proprietary NLP/NLU engine that truly understands human language, advanced analytics, evaluation, and no-code UI tools, DRUID provides a conversational UX layer to any enterprise system, enabling a revolutionary new way of working - the Conversational Business Apps.
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Helping People Work Smarter

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Save time & lower costs
Pass repetitive tasks to robots and allow people to focus on work that matters.
Enhance user experience
Provide a conversational UX layer for users' interaction with any business process.
Eliminate user error and increase consistency through standardized processes.
Propagate automation across the business to boost productivity and transform faster.
Boost engagement
Make work easier and provide interaction gateways exactly where users spend time.
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Powering conversational business automation


Increase revenue

Deploy conversational automation to capture new business and nurture existing opportunities.

Better UX

DRUID provides better interactions for users and businesses when and where they need it.

Improve acquisition

The multi-channel conversational layer provides new ways to engage all users.

Reduce costs

DRUID reduces resource consumption across all processes by enabling conversational AI.

Reduce churn

DRUID conversational AI enables a self-service experience that promotes higher NPS and CSAT.

Happy staff

Software robots can perform business activities on average 60% faster than the human workforce.

Deploy better user experience lightning-fast

The DRUID Conversational AI platform enables business users to create and deploy advanced conversational user journeys with drag and drop features for multiple types of interactions, integrations with business systems, and automation.

Boost ROI with real-time data

The DRUID platform provides real-time business insights through fully customizable analytics dashboards that enable business users to measure ROI for automated processes, track engagement KPIs, and identify new automation opportunities.

Why choose Quanton?

We are a Gold Partner with DRUID 

Quanton is the Gold Partner. Druid is a cutting-edge conversational AI platform. This adds a valuable tool to our inrelligent automation toolset. Moreover, our thinking regularly makes headlines in the media.