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Technology & Intelligent Automation

Digitally transforming businesses and creating next generation operating models through the right balance of people, technology, process and data.
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Disruptive technology is an innovation that significantly alters the way that consumers, industries, or businesses operate. A disruptive technology sweeps away the systems or habits it replaces because it has attributes that are recognisably superior.
Businesses built for the 20th century will not survive in the 21st century. Technology and globalisation continue to drive digital transformation as a board level agenda imperative.
With Digital Transformation comes Change and Disruption. Embracing technology throughout the business brings about positive change to streamline processes and automate the mundane work, enabling customer facing staff to focus on higher value tasks.

Our Technical Capabilities

Intelligent Automation
Combination of AI and RPA
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Robotic Process Automation
Metaphorical Software Robots
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Data Analytics
Science of analyzing raw data
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Data Visualisation
Graphic representation of data and information
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Conversational AI
Advanced Chatbots
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Task & Process Mining
Technology to capture user interaction
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Workflow and Orchestration
Enate’s Process Orchestration Platform
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Document Understanding
Content Intelligence for Process Automation
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Innovation and Disruption
Disrupting industries through Innovation
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What is Digital Automation?

Digital Automation is an alternative to traditional automation approaches like Application Programme Interfaces’ (APIs). The technology accesses systems using the user interface of applications enabling rapid ‘virtual’ integration to autonomously execute business processes with human exception management.

Moreover Digital Automation can offer NZ organisations a capability that provides rapid benefits realisation, fast payback and potentially high return on investment.
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Why work with Quanton?

In 2016 we launched the first Blue Prism Robotic Process Automation programme in NZ. Since then we’ve helped build the largest business process automation programmes in New Zealand. Moreover our thinking regularly makes headlines in the media.

At Quanton we transform your business to a new, future focused way of working. We take a pragmatic approach to automation – helping businesses build internal capability and finding sweet spots where automation can have the biggest impact on your business. With quantifiable benefit.

Our Technologies

We help businesses transform their operating models and create new, future-focused ways of working from Robotic Process Automation and emerging automation technology.

Since launching New Zealand’s first Robotic Process Automation programme in New Zealand, Quanton has extended our capability to support leading technology platforms, ensuring the we meet the demand and needs of the local market.

Microsoft focus your attention where it's needed most. Empower everyone to build automated processes with flows in Power Automate. Use low-code, drag-and-drop tools and hundreds of pre-built connectors that automate repetitive, mundane tasks with ease.

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Blue Prism Enterprise Process Automation

Blue Prism is recognised globally as a leading Robotic Process Automation software, providing a secure, scalable and flexible automation solution with centralised management.

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UiPath  offers flexible and scalable automation solutions. A True leader in enterprise automation, UiPath is named provider of the year by Forrester Wave in the Q2, 2018 Robotic Process Automation report.

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Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere  Automate any process and empower employees with your new digital workforce. 100% web-based, RPA Workspace delivers ultimate automation flexibility, purpose-built for business users, citizen developers, and professional programmers alike.

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