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Our Story

We guide businesses to power up their growth and profitability through a combination of innovative and disruptive thinking with pragmatic technology execution.

As the world evolves, businesses know they need to change the way they operate to be successful.

However, it’s not as simple as just applying new tools and technology. Between where you are now, and where you’re going, there is the question of how – and that’s the bit we’re great at.
Connecting the future with now, we navigate through the hype with a healthy dose of pragmatism – simplifying automation, aligning your digital transformation with your vision and strategy and connecting activity to the realisation of business goals.
We help you build internal capability (not external dependency), make informed decisions, and find the sweet spots where new ways of working, technology or automation can have the biggest impact on your organisation – the areas where your people and your technology can work in tandem to create your optimal workforce. This is where people, process, technology and data work in harmony to create a true difference.

We are forward looking and know how to leverage innovative and cutting edge technology to make a positive difference. We were the first to deliver RPA and now we are bring the next generation process orchestration tools to market.

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What is Quanton today?


A leader

Today Quanton is led by advisory services, and a specialised range of emerging automation and ai technologies, helping organisations simplify automation. Aligning digital transformation with vision and strategy and connecting activity to the realisation of business goals for our clients.

A transformer

You see, true transformation can only occur when people, processes, data and technology come together in the right balance. Whether working out how to start the journey, or getting you unstuck, we’ll create a roadmap that brings this balance to life in your business – and transforms your operating model to a new, future-focused way of working.

Proudly local

New Zealand owned and operated, Quanton take pride in offering locally based provision or services to customers in Australia and New Zealand. A truly multi-cultural organisation, our team represent five continents, eleven countries and at least as many languages.