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  • UiPath Chatbot

    Native integration and the future of virtual assistants

RPA + AI-powered chatbots?
Now you’re talking.

Delightful customer and employee experiences require great communication — UiPath combines robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) in a chatbot interface that connects users with the information and resources they need, using everyday language they’re familiar with.

Now your customers and employees can trigger robots to do things through chatbots, social messaging apps, or even voice—like checking order status or posting data in your CRM. In plain language. ​Do you know that AI makes robots brilliant conversationalists?

New technologies give rise to content intelligence

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What will you achieve with UiPath Chat Bots?

Delegating conversations to chatbots? Easily—with Druid Chatbots!

We’ve natively integrated the leading no-code, AI-powered chatbot from Druid into the UiPath Platform.

So, with a great chatbot at the core, it’s as simple to automate conversations between people and robots as it is to automate any other process—be it Q&A, notifications, form submission, reporting, or task tracking—you name it.​

Game-changer in customer service - multiple languages supported via multiple channels​

Social messengers or corporate apps; desktop, web, or mobile—Druid chatbots can talk to practically any person in the world, any time. Actually, they are equally great communicating with robots. ​So, a Druid chatbot can work together with a robot to fulfill customer’s request with no human intervention and no errors, even if you have legacy backend systems. They work together to make sure that an order’s complete and the customer’s happy.

Give back some quality time to your people

Instead of having to open, enter, and exit dozens of applications and enterprise systems each day, let your people use a single window and plain simple language to ask a robot to do it for them.

​​Hey, even if it saves them just 10 minutes a day, that’s one full work-week a year for each person. Woo-hoo!​​

It's so easy to automate conversational processes, it just might leave you speechless​
Flexible connectivity with live-chat and multiple channels like websites, enterprise apps, plus Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, WeChat, Slack, Mail, Viber, Voice channel, and more
Deployment in about two weeks. On-premises, Druid cloud, your cloud, or hybrid—whichever you prefer. And ISO-certified—keeping your data secured​
Powerful, flexible NLP engine and one-click engine update. Use of the actual “real-life” bot conversation as dataset for improving the bot’s AI model, in a single user-friendly interface


of employees’ time freed up for higher value work


more time helpdesk agents can spend on customer service


back-end process accuracy with 24x7 availability

Why choose Quanton?

We are a UiPath Gold and USN certified Partner

We are a USN partner, the only one in New Zealand, and one of 6 in Australia. This means that Quanton are a Global UiPath Implementation Partner delivering automations to the highest standards. We have the largest UiPath professional services team across NZ, who work on ANZ projects. Moreover our thinking regularly makes headlines in the media.