Enate, Making your future of work simpler.

The future of work is humans and digital workers working together to deliver services.

Enate is a British headquartered SaaS Process Orchestration platform, which manages a workforce of humans and digital workers for simplified end-to-end business processes. With Enate you can plug and play any technology (RPA, AI, cognitive, NLP, machine learning), from any vendor, to get digital fast. The platform enables the delivery of services from multiple locations to local standards while maintaining complete visibility and control (including the automation of KPIs and SLAs), all aligned to detailed reporting of cost and productivity. Enate’s platform deploys within weeks.


        • 20% productivity on implementation across an operation, empirically confirmed across our existing client base.
        • Enate is a foundational orchestration platform to deploy Intelligent Automation at scale, combining multiple workers including human, RPA bot, IDP, OCR, AI-ML Modules etc.
        • Cost effective and quick to implement leading to rapid payback and high ROI, in weeks not months or years.
        • Provide visibility and control of an operation to manage day to day work, with data and insights that can be used to drive ongoing transformation. 

Enate’s Process Orchestration platform

Managing workflows made easy

Enate is a simple solution for managing your workflow and workforce in one place, Enate’s no-code platform is simple enough to start small and smart enough to grow for global scale.


  • Simplify and seamlessly run fragmented processes in the end-to end value chain.
  • Get constant, clear visibility and control of operations and minimize defects, risks or penalties.
  • Enable your operations teams to continuously measure & improve their performance.
  • Drive throughput and efficiency savings without expensive re-platforming.
  • Improve employee experience through simplification  checklists, SOPs, SLAs, allocations, chasers, defects, attachments, audit logs etc. in Enate. Simplify workforce staff.
  • Improve customer experience – shorter TATs, fewer errors, timely SLAs, and end-to-end visibility.
  • Seamlessly manage RPA, OCR, or other digital workers that are being used or planned for use – Clear Automation Roadmap.
  • Deploy at speed – go live in 3 to 4 weeks and empower your business teams to continuously improve.
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How ENATE FITS in your landscape?

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Core USP’s

Modelling: Using Enate each BU can have their own version of the process that has a different flow and rules as compared to another BU, however, they will share a common highlevel structure and will re-use common actions.

Citizen Development: Non-IT Users can use Enate easily

Operations Manager Focus: most things are out of the box in Enate. Managers just need to configure processes

Only cost-effective lite BPMS which is deployable On Premise and On Cloud (Most direct competition is focused on cloud)

Natively included ticketing system to manage unstructured work: Ticketing in other iBPMS is not native, must be modified/configured and requires a lot of work

Secondary USP’s

Email Management: Outlook like email management which offers better control and visibility of work, improved employee experience, and compliance

Digital Worker Management: manages humans and bots, optimizes productivity to reduce license spend, ensures automation scalability

SLA Management: true SLA management based on state change and working calendars is a native Enate feature which ensures better customer satisfaction

Queue Management: Enate natively supports Queues unlike other iBPMS to ensure higher resource productivity and operations management