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Westland Milk Products

As part of a major efficiency drive, Westland Milk Products has deployed three robots across its business across accounts payables, sales order processing and real-time shipping analysis. Westland harnessed Quanton to provide the foundations for the project and the expertise which has enabled it to upskill its own business teams to deploy bots.

When Westland Milk Products needed to deploy robotic process automation as part of a major efficiency drive for the business, they knew what they wanted, and it wasn’t to be relying on another company to create every bot. Instead, Gareth Mitchell, Head of Digital and Improvement, Westland Milk Products, wanted a trusted partner who could provide the foundations for RPA and the expertise Westland Milk Products need to establish its own internal team to deliver bots across the business. It found that partner in Quanton and, in turn, it has found the efficiencies and expertise it was looking for too.  Westland called on Quanton, New Zealand’s leading practitioner of automation and leaders in providing digital transformation services, who provided the foundations for robotic process automation and the deployment of UiPath bots across Westland Milk Products business.

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