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Toyota Financial Services Robotic Process Automation

Toyota Finance New Zealand Identifies over 39,000 hours in potential benefit from business process automation and automates over 15 process in their first six months.

When Anita Hogan, Applications Manager for Toyota Finance New Zealand (TFNZ), first spoke with New Zealand digital transformation services and business automation specialists Quanton about Robotic Process Automation, she had one simple question: Could this technology work for us?

After an initial Opportunity Assessment, delivered by Quanton, identified over 39,000 hours potential benefit from automation – The answer was a resounding yes.

Within months of discussions beginning, TFNZ had its first Robotic Process Automation (RPA) pilot underway, and just six months after the pilot kicked off in March 2019, the company was managing their own full-scale RPA programme using UiPath RPA platform.

Since then, the company has automated over 15 processes, reaping the benefits and giving almost 2,000 hours back to the business in 2019, while projecting a further 4,000 hours back to the business in 2020.

Their agile-driven RPA programme has also brought the local office international attention. In January 2020, TFNZ brought home the AOR (Americas & Oceania) regional Kaizen award in the company’s prestigious annual global competition.


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Toyota Finance New Zealand Robotic Process Automation