DX SeminarTM: Events for Innovative Business Leaders

Distinguishing Between the Promise, the Hype and the Reality of Innovative Technologies to Drive Immediate Value and Digital Transformation

DX Seminar Digital Transformation Events

DX SeminarTM is Quanton’s event series, designed to offer innovative business leaders the practical knowledge they require to successfully apply emerging technologies and achieve short term business performance while creating a foundation for long term digital transformation.

DX SeminarTM events are designed to arm business leaders with in-depth knowledge on the biggest technology trends and distinguish between the hype, the promise and the practical reality. We achieve this by carefully selecting speakers who can demonstrate both expertise and practical experience.

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DX Seminar events address the immediate opportunity for Digital Transformation and Business Process Automation.

DX Seminar are short format events designed for leaders, transformers on a mission and people with massive transformative goals.

What we want for you

Gain a global and local context of what is possible now and how you can create future operating models with emerging technologies like Machine Learning, AI and business process automation technologies.  Automation.

We want you to come away with practical information that will drive immediate business benefit & gain knowledge from leading experts and successful leaders in the field of what is possible now with Robotic Automation and the future opportunities of Intelligent Automation


Speakers will share their expert views on highly topical subjects including the current state of digital transformation worldwide, the successes A in the New Zealand market, the future of work and the emergence of Cognitive and Intelligent Automation. Speakers will also address practical detail such as the vital role that governance (technical, project and programme) plays in scaling automation and transformation programmes.

Next Event 

November 2020 – Auckland

DX Seminars Katheren Leitner


Kathern Leitner is leading the massive transformative vision to reduce hospital admissions for Asthma and Chronic Obstructuve Pulmonary Disease (COPD) by 50%, by 2029.

Over 700,000 New Zealanders have respiratory diseases like Asthma and COPD.

Asthma New Zealand’s programme successfully reduces the chances a patient will be admitted to an ER room for respiratory problems by 87%.

Now Asthma New Zealand are preparing to transforming their operating model to make healthcare delivery, patient engagement and health education exponentially scalable, efficient and accessible to help more New Zealanders.

A powerful topic from an accomplished leader whose previous achievements include two successful start-ups and 12-years board and governance experience.

Previous Events

November 2018 – Auckland

Professor Leslie Willcocks New Zealand Visit

Quanton Global Key Note: Professor Leslie Willcocks

Willcocks has an international reputation for his work on automation, global management and strategic organisational change. His keynote draws on three years’ of research in Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive Automation and the future of work.

His research projects has covered multiple industries, applications and use cases to establish action principles that mitigate automation risks and will discuss multiple real-life cases of RPA and Cognitive Automation being used in a range of organisations to illustrate how contemporary enterprises are undergoing an exciting process of digital transformation.

Willcocks is joined by a high-powered line-up of speakers including Carol D’Silva (Westpac) and Axel Schneider (UiPath).


September 2018 – Auckland 


Anthony Scott illion

Quanton Australasian Key Note: Anthony Scott, Chief Intelligent Automation Officer

Providing a user perspective Anthony share’s illion’s RPA journey, the strategic drivers, challenges faced, benefits achieved and future direction of a highly successful automation programme. 

Anthony has a long history in the financial services industry including consultative work relating to RPA strategy/development, programme management, business process, process design, customer relationship and IT service management.

illion (formally trading as Dun & Bradstreet) is the leading independent provider of trusted data and analytics products, with the companies consumer and commercial credit registries comprising data on over 20 million individuals and over 2.5 million active companies. Prior to joining illion, Anthony was the General Manager of Robotics, Automation and Transformation for Equifax.

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