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RPA in NZ has been rapidly adopted, Since first being deployed a local  enterprise in 2016 and many of New Zealand’s largest sectors now have multiple examples of successful programmes.

Whats possible with RPA in NZ? Applied strategically, in-year payback, strong return on investment and cost efficiencies are all within the realm of possibility for RPA.

Potential benefits, investment requirements and how businesses usually start are all covered in our updated guide: Robotic Process Automation The 2020 Guide.


Why RPA?

  • No complex system integrations
  • No change to existing applications
  • Proven enterprise security model
  • Works with existing IT infrastructure
  • Centralised management and control

The combination of rpa and AI is your new operating system.

Dawie Olivier, Former CIO Westpac New Zealand

e-Book: RPA NZ – The 2020 Guide

Everything you need to know in 2020 to understand the opportunity for RPA and how position a pilot to achieve in-year payback, high return-on-investment and cost efficiencies.

  • New Zealand Case Studies
  • Potential Return-on-Investment
  • Investment Requirements
  • Key Technology Trends
  • How Businesses Get Started
Robotic Process Automation NZ

See RPA in action

What is being achieved with RPA in NZ?

We take a pragmatic approach to automation – helping businesses build internal capability and finding the sweet spots where automation can have the biggest impact on your business – with quantifiable benefit.

Since launching New Zealand’s first RPA programme in 2016, Quanton has helped enterprise businesses from a wide range of a wide range of sectors establish their programmes and drive short-term benefits while creating platforms for long-term transformation.

Quanton has identified potential benefits upwards of $1million for individual local enterprises and, the largest programmes deployed are now deploying over 45,000 hours annually back to their businesses.

See Quanton’s full range of case studies and business cases for more examples of how RPA is delivering quantifiable benefits to New Zealand busionesses.

Robotic Process Automation NZ Toyota Case Study

Case Study: Toyota Finance New Zealand

  • Over 39,000 hours of initial benefit identified.
  • 15 Processes automated in six months
  • On track to deliver 4,500 hours of automated processing in year two.
Robotic Process Automation NZ Case Study - Omni Health

Case Study: OmniHealth New Zealand

  • Pilot process delivered to live production in five weeks.
  • Initial straight-through processing success rate 78%.
  • Over five weeks of (annualised) time freed up for doctors too spend more time with patients.

How RPA works

In the Draft Guide for Terms and Concepts in Intelligent Process Automation, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest organisation for the advancement of technology, defined RPA as a pre-configured software platform that uses business roles and pre-defined choreography to complete autonomous execution of a combination of processes, activities or transactions, and tasks in one or more unrelated software systems to deliver a result with human exception management.

RPA is used for end-to-end execution of business processes and tasks. The technology accesses systems and applications the same way a human user would – using the graphical user interface. In effect RPA lets you ‘virtually’ integrate systems.

Software robots complete processes by executing business rules and logic that have been configured into a process solution. Any transactions which cannot be completed are referred to the human workforce for exception handing.

How Robotic Process Automation Works

What are the potential benefits of RPA?

Innovative businesses leaders are using RPA in NZ to deliver short-term business imperatives and create a platform for long-term transformation.

Removing mundane tasks through automation creates new possibilities and allows your people to focus on innovation, creativity and customers.

Positioned correctly, in-year payback, high return on investment and cost efficiencies are all in the realm of possibility for RPA. We have identified upwards of $1 million in potential benefit from RPA and the largest businesses in New Zealand are now delivering in excess of 45,000 hours annually back to their businesses.

Automation Benefits

What sectors can benefit from RPA in NZ?

Sectors using Robotic Process Automation in NZ

Why work with Quanton?

In 2016 we launched the first Blue Prism RPA programme in NZ. Since then we’ve helped build the largest business process automation programmes in New Zealand. Moreover our thinking regularly makes headlines in the media.

At Quanton we transform your business to a new, future focused way of working. We take a pragmatic approach to automation – helping businesses build internal capability and finding sweet spots where automation can have the biggest impact on your business. With quantifiable benefit.

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RPA Technology

we help businesses transform their operating models and create new, future-focused ways of working from RPA and emerging automationtechnology.

Since launching New Zealand’s first RPA programme in NZ, Quanton has extended our capability to support two leading technology platforms, ensuring the we meet the demand and needs of the local market.

Blue Prism Enterprise Process Automation

Blue Prism is recognised globally as a leading RPA software, providing a secure, scalable and flexible automation solution with centralised management.

More About Blue Prism

UiPath - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology

UiPath  offers flexible and scalable automation sulutions. A True leader in enterprise automation, UiPath is named provider of the year by Forrester Wave in the Q2, 2018 RPA report.

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Robotic Process Automation 2020 Guide