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Improvement through Business Goal Models


  • S.M.A.R.T Goal Model
  • Objective and Key Result Model - (OKR model)
  • Practice

Target Audience

4 - 8 Persons


Full day in-house

Method of Delivery





Organisation’s especially SMEs, are challenged when it comes to effectively setting business goals. There often are gaps and unfamiliar concepts overlooked at. This results in the organization and its people to having no firm direction to work towards.

Businesses can benefit from goal planning models by using structured approach to setting goals and developing action plans, organisation’s can align their activities with their mission and vision and gain success.

Our specialised approach helps businesses to focus on their goals and working systematically towards achieving them. Our SMART goal model and Objectives and Key Results model will ensure that all stakeholders at business level and corporate level have a shared understanding of the organisation’s goals and are working towards the same vision. This leads to increased collaboration, accountability, and alignment of efforts, ultimately resulting in improved business performance.

Programme Objective

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to do the following:

  • Understand the concepts of both OKRs and SMART goals, and their roles in driving performance and achieving strategic goals.
  • Define and develop effective OKRs and SMART goals that are aligned with an organisation’s mission and vision.
  • Set ambitious yet achievable objectives and identify key results that can be measured using the OKR methodology.
  • Prioritise both OKRs and SMART goals based on impact and feasibility and develop action plans to achieve them.

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