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Improvement through Benchmarking


  • Traits required to do improvement
  • Benchmarking as part of ‘Adapt’ within SCAMPER
  • Multiple-Use (MU) Matrix
  • 7 levels of change
  • Benchmarking in practice

Target Audience

2 - 4 Persons


2 x 3 hours (online) or 6-hour in-house

Method of Delivery

See ‘Duration’ + (Use Levels 2 and 3 Training Evaluation (Kirkpatrick model))




Improvements can come in various manner. One of the simplest methods is to compare an organization’s practice with that of other organizations who are leaders in their fields.

It is not rocket science and yet there is a certain approach to making benchmarking as a hallmark of an organisation that seeks to improve.

In this programme, we aim to provide participants with the tools in making improvements through benchmarking and beyond.

Programme Objective

By the end of the programme, participants should be able to do the following:

  • Identify traits required to do improvement
  • Explain benchmarking as a concept
  • Describe the elements required in a Multiple-Use (MU) Matrix
  • Understand and practice SCAMPER to make improvements
  • Understand the 7 levels of change
  • Develop a Benchmarking strategy

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