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Future focused operating models based on new ways of working. That’s what you can expect from our specialist digital consultants in NZ.  

Quanton Digital Consultants NZ The Question of How

The way the world works is changing. To remain relevant and sustainable, now is the time for New Zealand enterprise to change with it. Quanton’s team of specialist digital consultants for NZ businesses transform your operating model to a new, future-focused way of working. It’s about helping you build internal capability and find the sweet sports where automation can have the biggest impact on your business – with quantifiable benefit.

We Digitally Transform Your Operating Model Through Smart Technology and Automation

Quanton Specialist Digital Consultants NZ

Connecting the future with now, we navigate through the hype with a healthy dose of pragmatism. Simplifying automation, specialist digital consultants align digital transformation with your vision and organisational strategy.

We help you build internal capability (not external dependency), make informed decisions, and find the sweet spots where automation can have the biggest impact on your organisation. The areas where your people and your technology can work in tandem to create the optimal workforce.

You see, true transformation can only occur when people, processes and technology come together in the right balance. Whether working out how to start the journey, or getting you unstuck, our specialist digital consultants can create a road-map that brings this balance to life in your business – and transforms your operating model to a new, future focused way of working.

What does benefit look like?

Operating Performance

Processing Quality

Customer Experience

Digital Consultant NZ Operational Effectiveness
Digital Consultants NZ Processing Quality
Digital Consultant NZ Customer Experience

Drive operational imperatives like cost reduction, operational efficiency, productivity improvements, cost avoidance and the ability to decouple headcount from business growth to achieve sustainable business expansion.

Improve processing quality with reduced error rates, increased compliance, greater accuracy, faster processing and on-demand completion.

Find the perfect combination of a blended workforce to drive customer experience improvements through faster response and delivery and 100% consistency – every time.

Our Services

We know it’s not as simple as just applying new tools and technology.

At the forefront of automation in enterprise, we’ve made mistakes, learned to balance risk versus return, and been instrumental in making digital transformations successful. Now we’re rewriting the rule book, leading business leaders towards new ways of working through our specialist advisory, delivery and technology services.




Digital Consultants for NZ Businesses Advisory Services
Digital Consultants NZ Delivery Services
Digital Consultants NZ Technology Services

We help our clients develop digital transformation strategies that bring people, processes and technology come together in the right balance – with quantifiable benefit and return on investment.

From business analysis to solution design and development, we bring future operating models to life by designing, configuring and delivering solutions on leading edge digital platforms.

From Robotic Process Automation, to content intelligence or data analytics, we help organisations combine best-in-breed technologies that can extend the breadth and depth of automation in businesses.