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Intelligent Automation 2020 Guide

E-Book: Intelligent Automation 2020

The Future for Business Process Automation

Written for the initiators and innovators on a mission to transform their operating model. This guide explains what Intelligent Automation is, how it works, where it can be used and what it can do for you.

  • Exclusive Intelligent Automation model
  • Use case overviews
  • Access to live demonstration
Robotic Process Automation NZ

E-Book: Robotic Process Automation

The 2020 Guide

Written for innovative digital leaders, this guide addresses the most commonly asked questions and arms you with the information you need to determine the potential for automation in your business.

  • New Zealand Case Studies
  • Potential Return-on-Investment
  • Investment Requirements
  • Key Technology Trends
  • How Businesses Get Started
Business Process Automation - IA Download

Video and Presentation Download: How intelligent automation will re-shape the business landscape

  • How to adapt to the future digital ecosystem
  • Determine if Intelligent Automation is right for your business
  • Understand the skills and scale required to deliver value

Adam Taylor reviews the impact of Ai-powered technology and intelligent automation that will re-shape the business landscape in the next few years with clear insights and takeaways to help business leaders understand the potential for Intelligent Automation in their business.

ABBYY Content Intelligence

Video and Presentation Download: Using Ai to understand content

  • Market trends and current state of digital transformation
  • Cognitive automation and the stairway to value
  • Extending the benefit of automation with content intelligence

Content intelligence is Ai applied to content. Henry Patishman shares how ABBYY is helping businesses extend the breadth and depth of automation by providing structure to the 80% of data in businesses which is unstructured.

Download now to watch an exclusive presentation from Henry Patishman and get a copy of the presentation.

ABBYY Content Intelligence

E-Book: New Technologies Give Rise to Content Intelligence

As change becomes necessary for survival, ABBYY explains how to balance existing business practises with new technology which can change how customers interact with businesses and transform operating models.

  • Moving beyond capture to Content Intelligence
  • Types of processes which can benefit from Content Intelligence
  • How to apply artificial intelligence to content
Robotic Process Automation Lessons from Early Adopters

E-Book: Robotic Process Automation

Preparation and Early Stage Planning

  • RPA Implementation Risks
  • Benefits Measurement
  • Barriers to Adoption
  • Identifying Processes for Automation
  • Where to Start

In recent commentary, Professor Leslie Willcocks (London School of Economics) claimed anecdotal evidence suggest that 30-50% of RPA programmes are stalling, failing to scale or being abandoned. This guide is written to inform organisations who are actively assessing or planning for RPA with the aim of providing knowledge that will support success.

Robotic Process Automation Consulting

E-Book: Robotic Process Automation

The Comprehensive Enterprise Guide

  • The RPA Business Case
  • NZ Use Case Examples
  • RPA Vendor Landscape
  • Global RPA Market
  • Lessons From Early Adopters

Written for business leaders, the Comprehensive Enterprise Guide to RPA contains New Zealand use case examples and is designed to provide a detailed introduction defining RPA, where it sits within organisations, what it can be used for and the business case for RPA including a cost benefit perspective. This guide is a must for every business leader considering RPA for their organisation.

BPM Automation Tools

E-Book: Positioning RPA for Success

RPA in the Context of Automation for Enterprise Organisations

Written for New Zealand business leaders, Positioning RPA for Success discusses RPA in the context of enterprise automation and shows where RPA is best positioned to provide value to users.

  • Keys to the Success of Automation
  • Types of Automation
  • Positioning Solutions in Org Structure
  • Potential Scope of Automation
  • Identifying the Right Automation Solution
Blue Prism RPA

E-Book: Blue Prism Enterprise Technology Guide

Introducing the Digital Workforce

Improving speed and agility, increasing operational efficiency and improving the customer experience – RPA promises it all. Understand how this is delivered through an overview of Blue Prism’s functions and features, technology configuration and methodologies.

  • RPA Maturity Model
  • Global Case Study
  • Blue Prism Application
  • Platform Overview
  • Functions & Components
  • Training Certification