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Accelerate Automation at Scale 

Quanton’s business process automation consulting is here to help New Zealand businesses rethink how businesses operate and the role that automation plays in operating models from administrative tasks to customer interactions and service delivery.

We help you build internal capability (not external dependency), make informed decisions, and find the sweet spots where automation can have the biggest impact on your organisation – the areas where your people and your technology can work in tandem to create your optimal workforce.

So, whether your organisation is starting out on a journey, or getting unstuck, our business process automation consulting services will help you create a roadmap to a scalable and sustainable automation capability and a future-focussed way of working.

Quanton Business Process AutomationConsulting

How We Work

Our ethos is based on helping businesses establish scalable, resilient and sustainable capability.

Business process automation consulting is about helping you create a new way of working for your business. We help businesses establish internal capability using a holistic framework that addresses aspects like governance, pipeline, people, data and processes.

Every sector, every business and every problem statement is unique. our approach is based on tailoring our frameworks to suit your business practices.

the world we live in is moving fast. And we think our role is to help you deliver tangible changes rapidly. Our approach is based on helping businesses see early successes and benefits – while creating the foundation for long-term transformation.

  • Accredited and experienced staff
  • On-site and remote deployment options
  • Proven methodologies and frameworks

Business Process Automation Consulting Services

Programme Design

Want to know how to start?

We help businesses create business process automation and digital transformation strategies with clear alignment to strategic drivers.

Our proven approach and frameworks incorporate people, processes, technology and data to help clients achieve tangible benefit.

The outcome is a holistic roadmap that addresses people, processes, data and technology with clearly defined steps to create automation capability that works for your business.


Looking for a partner to share the journey?

From a roadmap our team can support programme initialisation, initial implementation, full implementation and scale up programme phases.

Throughout the process of programme implementation our specialist team can provide multiple levels of engagement from strategic and governance support to hands on specialist staff like business analysts, programme managers and scrum masters.

Most importantly when we work with clients we form blended teams that seamlessly integrate with your structure.

Maturity Growth

Looking for a partner to help you grow?

Our business process automation consulting services have adapted a Capability Maturity Model for automation operating models.

Guided by our framework we support organisations to benchmark their capability based on clearly defined criteria.

This collaborative process is designed to help organisations understand where they are on their automation journey and how they can continue to grow their capability in order to drive greater strategic value.

What We Help Delivery Through Business Process Automation Consulting.

Revenue Growth Operational Excellence Consulting
Productivity and Efficiency Transformation Consulting Services
Customer Experience Operational Excellence and Transformation Consulting Services

How we define business process automation

Business process automation is the use of technology to automate business processes, tasks and activities to accelerate business outcomes.

Applied correctly, businesses can automate simple or complex activities across the business to achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve the customer experience and gain operating efficiencies.

Quanton Intelligent Automation 2020

Business Process Automation Capabilities

Robotic Process Automation

Virtually integrate applications and autonomously execute business processes with human exception management.

Optical Character Recognition

Computer vision to convert text from documents and images into data for processing.

Machine Learning 

Harness the power of predictive analytics and machine learning to automate decision making and improve business results.

Conversational AI

Change every aspect of when, where and how you engage with customers to hold seamless automated conversations.

Data Analytics

Maximise the value of business data for enhanced insight, decision making and process automation.

Data Visualisation

With the rise of big data businesses need to interpret big batches of structured and unstructured data to communicate relationships of data and trends and patterns to be easily interpreted.

New Zealand Businesses We’ve Helped With Business Process Automation

We take a pragmatic approach to business process automation – helping large businesses and enterprise clients build internal capability and finding the sweet spots where automation can have the biggest impact – with quantifiable benefit.

Since launching New Zealand’s first RPA programme in 2016, Quanton has helped enterprise businesses from a wide range of a wide range of sectors establish their programmes and drive short-term benefits while creating platforms for long-term transformation.

We’ve helped over 100 New Zealand business with business process automation in sectors like transport and logistics, retail, health, government, insurance, banking and finance, utilities and telecommunications.

Chorus Robotic Process Automation
Mercury Energy Consulting Services Client
Hutt Valley DHB Robotic Process Automation Case Study
Toyota Finance New Zealand Robotic Process Automation Case Study

We have a proven history of delivering tangible results

We have served a spectrum of clients from growing NZ businesses with $5M turnover and up to the enterprise brands, but we pride ourselves on helping businesses make decisions based on potential benefit and enabling quantifiable outcomes.

Want to know more? You can check out real examples and customer stories in a range of published business cases and local case studies.

Business Process Automation Consulting Practice Lead

DX Seminar Garry Green Quanton

Garry Green

Managing Director and Business Process Automation Practice Lead

Garry has over 20 years experience in programme management and strategy consulting. He has worked globally on major technology implementations in the United Kingdom, Middle East and New Zealand and has a passion for disruptive transformation.

He holds a Masters Degree of Business Administration (MBA), Strategy, Change and Leadership and a BSc (Hon) of Electronics and Microcomputer Systems.

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