Customer Service Automation (CSA)

Automating Customer Initiated Transactions for Improved Customer Experience and Operating Performance

More than ever, customer service is a key business differentiator. However, customers have greater demands than ever before expecting services to be available when they want and with faster responses and quicker fulfillment.

Recent technological progress, greater consumer choice and eroding loyalty means the empowered customer will no longer stand for sub-standard experiences.

Quanton help organisations automate direct customer service automations to achieve on-demand autonomous responses by virtually integrating systems, enabling customer interaction with dynamic interfaces and supporting omni-channel experiences. Transactions that require human operators can now receive greater levels of personal attention and support.

Our technology works with existing systems, security and architecture. With no complex integrations or modifications required to existing systems, solutions can be deployed quickly offering organisations a tool that provides rapid benefits realisation, fast payback and high return on investment.

Why Automate Customer Service Transactions?

Improve the customer experience 

  • Faster fulfillment
  • Consistent service delivery
  • On-demand service responses 24/7

Increase speed and agility

  • Absorb spikes in demand
  • Easily implement process changes
  • Rapidly scale

Drive operating performance

  • Reduce cost to serve
  • Increase output and efficiency
  • Greater compliance and risk assurance
Benefits of Remote Desktop Automation

Five Examples of Customer Initiated Processes Which Can Be Automated

  1. Quote generation
  2. Order receipt and system entry
  3. Personal information updates
  4. Service plan cancellation, enrollment or changes
  5. Obtaining billing information
What Our Technology Does

Autonomous Task Completion

Software robots autonomously complete tasks on-demand including retrieving customer data and enacting changes, updates, deletions and requests based on business rules.

Virtual System Integration

Advanced automation technologies virtually integrate systems to achieve end-to-end processing and create single customer views.

Dynamic Digital Interfaces

Dynamic digital interfaces allow customer to interact directly with the virtual workforce from websites, chatbots or applications and receive a customised view based on the process and their unique input requirements.


Our technology provides a consistent user experience between multiple channels and supports the transition of customers without loosing context of the conversation or process stage.

Who Can Benefit From Customer Service Automation
Organisations in all industries
Our Technology
Trust Portal

TrustPortal extends the functionality of BluePrism enabling real-time interaction between humans and software robots in Remote Desktop Automation and Customer Initiated Automation.

More About TrustPortal