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Find out what automation technology can do for your organisation. New Zealand organisations who transform their operating models through automation can drive their competitive advantage, improving the customers experience, increasing speed and agility, improving customer satisfaction ,and driving operating peroformance.

  • Lift staff satisfaction and improve the customer experience
  • Drive operational performance
  • Increase speed and agility
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Automate Your Organisation

  • Keys to the Success of Automation
  • Types of Automation
  • Positioning Solutions in Org Structure
  • Potential Scope of Automation
  • Identifying the Right Automation Solution


Instantly download a free guide to understand where the opportunities lie for automation in enterprise organisations, and how to position Robotic Process Automation for success. Written for New Zealand organisations with local use case and context.

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Enterprise Automation Solutions

Enterprise grade automation solutions, specialising in administrative and back-end operational processings. Designed with large organisations in mind our technology solutions deliver enterprise grade security, centralised control and management, scalability and flexibility.  

Who Can We Help

Quanton can help organisations in any indutry industry with high volume, rule based, repetitive processes with digital inputs.

Robotic Process Automation Technology Who We Work With

What Can We Automate

Quanton can automate any process within applications and computer systems that use digital inputs

Rule Based Processes Processes with High Repretition Transactional Processes Processes with High Compliance Requirements Processes with Fluctuating Demand
How Do We Automate Enterprise Processes?

Quanton specialise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is an approach to business process automation best suited to mundane, rule based and repetitive administrative and back-end operational processes.

Software robots are used to perform rule based business processes by mimicking the actions of humans to interact with systems and complete business tasks or actions.

Quanton’s Automation Technolgy
Blue Prism RPA Technology Software

Blue Prism is recognised globally as a leading Robotic Process Automation software, providing a secure, scalable and flexible automation solution with centralised management.